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Cleaning / Protective Agents

Cleaning / Protective Agents

  • Non skid powder is anadditive for polyurethane topcoats. Non-slip powder = 20 grams, the amount for 750 ml of polyurethane or other surface topcoats. Add powder to the mixture, mix well and wait 15 minutes. Apply with a short-haired roller. During application, paint must be mixed often Non skid powder is anadditive for...

  • Brayt S3 spray is a liquid for all types of paints and varnishes – including HS, 2C, nitro, synthetic fibers and plastics, rubber, gelcoat coatings, glass, mirrors, etc. Polishing provides an excellent appearance and protective coating. Removes all traces of abrasives, mist, etc. Works as an antistatic, thereby creating additional protec Brayt S3 spray is a liquid for all...

  • C2 CONCENTRATE CLEANER very powerful water soluble and biodegradable cleaner for quick and efficient removal of oil, grease, scale, soot, nicotine etc. Great as a professional cleaner for fenders, tarpaulins, poles and aluminum ship components and for the removal of hydraulic oil .Thin with water. For normal dirt add 1 part of C2 on 10 parts of C2 CONCENTRATE CLEANER very powerful...

  • C4 TEAK CLEANER  is a very powerful water-soluble, biodegradable concentrate for quick and efficient restoration of teak wood. C4 restores color and leaves no residue (as opposed to acidic products). Also is safe for sealant joints.Thin with water. For normal dirt add 1 part of C4 on 20 parts of water. For heavy dirt add 1 part C4 on 10 par C4 TEAK CLEANER  is a very powerful...

  • C1  SHELL AND FOULING REMOVER is a powerful, effective formula to rapidly remove barnacles from boat hull.Apply in small quantity on the surface and leave for 5 to 15 minutes. Then remove the dirt and treated with a fresh water under pressure or use a sponge kitchen with plenty of rinsing with water. In cases of very large lichen can re-app C1  SHELL AND FOULING REMOVER is a...

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Cleaning / Protective Agents

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